Why Are Keshi Pearls Such A Rage?

Why Are Keshi Pearls Such A Rage?

You see them everywhere? They were a hot item in Tucson. What's all the rage about?

Technically, Keshi Pearls are wonderful because they are entirely nacre. They are made only by the mollusk itself without any human intervention. So, they have a mind of their own. They are the second growth in an oyster or other mollusk, after a nucleated pearl has been extracted or the nucleus has been rejected. 

These are the modern pearl. It feels so new to wear these playful little "wings" of a pearl. They are delightful and they make you smile. Because they are such a freeform, they feel new and fresh and that is how to wear them.

For more on the science behind Keshi Pearls, please go my previous blog, 


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