Who Will Wear This Crown?

Who Will Wear This Crown?

This crown was designed by the team at Jewelmer and has some of the most stunning and valuable Golden South Sea Pearls. Why would the Golden South Sea Pearl be the "crowning" glory of this crown?

This beautiful crown will be placed on the new Miss Universe Philippines on Saturday April 30, 2022. Because the Golden South Sea Pearl is so well associated with the Philippines, they are seminal in representation for the crown. As well, the Golden South Sea Pearl is the national gemstone of the Philippines.

This elaborate crown was designed in partnership with Jewelmer, the pearl farm founded by Jacques Branellac in 1989. His dedicated research and experimentation for the decade previous to his initial harvest, led to the established a breeding hatchery for the gold lipped pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima. The gem quality Golden South Sea Pearls in La Mer en Majeste were grown in the environmental and sustainable Palawan waters of the Jewelmer farms in the Philippines, which is run by Jacques Christophe Branellac, the son of the founder. 

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