What Are the Rarest and Most Valuable Pearls?

What Are the Rarest and Most Valuable Pearls?

Many of you know that South Sea Pearls are the most valuable of the different types of pearls, but do you know why?

There are many reasons that South Sea Pearls are so valuable. They are at the top of spectrum on all the value factors for pearls. They are the largest in size. They are the most round in shape. They have the thickest nacre for luster. Their surface is clean from blemishes and they are extremely rare.

A South Sea pearl grows in their mother oyster for 3-10 years. This is a patient and very attentive tome for the pearl. Other pearls are cultivated for only 8 months, so you can imagine the amount of care and investment it takes to grow a South Sea pearl. For this reason, the South Sea pearls are the largest of the pearls and size equals value. The amount of time it takes for a South Sea pearl to develop is a significant investment for the pearl farmer.

The South Sea pearl grows in the largest of the gem producing oysters, the Pinctada Maxima. This oyster requires the cleanest of ocean waters. Even the water temperature is a considerable factor to grow healthy pearls. The waters must also have enough of a food supply to feed the oyster. Each year the pearl is wrapped in successive layers of nacre that increase more luster. Luster is the luminescence that is created by thicker and thicker nacre. The more luster a pearl has, the more valuable it is.

A pearl necklace of the highest quality matches each pearl in size and roundness of shape, as well as nacre, surface and color. South Sea pearls come in many colors, as White, Golden, Tahitians, and other colorful varieties of black pearls. Even the white pearls have a difference in hue of creams, pinks and satiny silver whites. It is extremely time consuming and requires a professional eye to patiently match a strand of pearls. The better these pearls match, the more valuable the necklace.

The surface quality of a South Sea Pearl is a decisive factor. The cleaner the surface, the more a pearl other qualities can shine. As you can imagine, pearls with a clean smooth surface are the most valuable pearls and South Seas have the most perfect of a skin.

All of these factors contribute to the value of the South Sea pearls and you can appreciate the miracle it is to have or give these superior pearls.

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