The HOP Project-creating a label for pearl identification

The HOP Project-creating a label for pearl identification

I have been reading about this interesting project of developing a system for identifying details of a pearl's origin, treatments, and quality. The prestigious science journal, Gemmology, vol 34 no 6, published an analysis of the results.

I wrote to Jean Pierre Le Polles to ask his permission to include this very new news in my blog here. And he responded favorably.

Dear Judi,


Thank you for your interest in the HOP project. You have my permission to publish on your blog on the condition that you refer to my website ( and to the © Jean-Pierre Le Pollès  - JPS Development France -  2011-2021  .


The general idea is to make people understand that the identification of a pearl (or other gems) requires a global consideration of all the issues that are: identification, the fight against counterfeiting, security, traceability, verifications, etc. throughout the value chain between the producer and the final consumer.


For this, it is necessary to use different technological "tools" that will each contribute to the whole (miniaturization, coding, hologram, blockchain, decoding, certificate etc.).

It is the combination and the seamless chain of interaction of these different tools that ensures the robustness of the whole.


But the most important thing is the possibility for any actor in the value chain to have direct access to the information without going through an organization or an expertise laboratory.

It is the ease of access to information that makes the system acceptable and relevant.


For example, if I give you a $100 banknote, on the face of it, you should accept it. You won't go to the nearest bank to check its authenticity. The same should be true for gems. Authenticity should be accepted at first glance. Then, with more advanced means of investigation, you can check certain details of the banknote, by transparency or with a magnifying glass. In order to search for deeper codes, your bank is able to read others and finally the Federal Reserve could search for even deeper codes if necessary.


The HOP traceability system takes up this Russian doll logic, where everyone at his level is able to interpret what he sees.


This is what creates confidence and liquidity in a market, the more you simplify things, the more dynamic your market is.

Technology is not an end in itself and should be as transparent as possible to the user. Forget about white coats and labs.


This is what summarizes the philosophy of the HOP project in a few words. Do not hesitate to come back to me if you wish to have more information in addition to what is already described on the site.

Kind regards


Jean Pierre Le Pollès

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