What are Keshi Pearls?

What are Keshi Pearls?

You have heard me talk about Keshi Pearls a lot and seen them on my website in Necklaces and Earrings. So, here is the scoop.

Keshi Pearls are a little known form of, what I like to describe as, "pearls gone wild". Keshi Pearls are smaller and grown as a second growth of a cultured pearl or if the first nucleation is rejected.

A little hard to understand, but after the first nucleation and harvest of a bivalve (meaning an oyster, clam, mussel) the bivalve is put back into the water and the pearl sac that is already established might grow another free form pearl that does not have an implanted nucleus. So, Keshi Pearls are total nacre, the beautiful creation that makes a pearl, a pearl. They are all natural nacre, which is a very precious material. For this reason, Keshis are highly prized. They are very lustrous because they are all nacre and no nucleation, there is nothing to stop the light reflection. Their organic shapes are a desirable complement to an already established perl wardrobe.

Keshi Pearls can be freshwater or saltwater. They can be very special and sought after by the pearl aficionado. As a designer, I love the organic shape and high luster that Keshi pearls show.

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