Cultured Pearls vs Cultured (Lab Grown) Diamonds

Cultured Pearls vs Cultured (Lab Grown) Diamonds

The Pearl industry has made a major effort to educate the public about cultured pearls for the last 50 years. It has been 100 years since the designation of the word "cultured" to the farmed pearl. So, why is the lab grown diamond using the designation of "cultured" to market its synthetic diamonds?

The Federal Trade Commission states that the Diamond industry has to use "lab grown" with these man made gems. I have seen numerous marketing that refers to these lab grown diamonds as "cultured" diamonds, from Town and Country to Forbes. Why? Because the pearl industry has painstakingly educated the public to the miracle organic pearl that is created by nature, the way a natural pearl is created, with the introduction of the human intervention of a catalyst to start the growth of the pearl. 

While the lab grown diamond has the same chemical composition as a natural mined diamond, it has been created entirely by humans. There are several different ways to do this. The High Pressure Heat Treatment(HPHT) is the most widely understood. A lab grown diamond can be created in 300 hours-considerably less that a natural diamond...

The Cultured Pearl Association of America has proposed the removal of the term "cultured" from everything. It doesn't mean what it is supposed to mean anymore. The CPAA would change the pearl designation to "farmed", with 3 categories: natural, saltwater, and freshwater.

What are your thoughts??

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