Sweden's Cameo Tiara

Sweden's Cameo Tiara

This tiara is one of the most unusual and wonderful pieces of jewelry still being worn today. The tiara now belongs to King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

This tiara was made by a commission of Napoleon Bonaparte who was then the Emperor of France for his wife, Josephine. Some of the most famous cameo makers of that time were brought to carve these cameos. Vincenzo Catenacci, Filippo Rega, and Giuseppe Girometti created these cameo carvings. Each carving is estimated to have taken up to a year to complete.

Each of the scenes are portraits of gods and goddesses or a scene depicting a story of love. 

The court jeweler, Marie-Etienne Nitot is thought to have created the settings for the tiara. The tiara would have been completed by 1809 before Nitot's death. There is not a single diamond in the tiara

This is a Frederic Westin portrait of Empress Josephine of Leuchtenberg wearing the Cameo tiara  and other exquisite pearl jewelry. 

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