How A Chinese Actress Upended The Tahitian Pearl Market

How A Chinese Actress Upended The Tahitian Pearl Market

Ni Ni an acclaimed Chinese Actress/infuencer and pearl lover, celebrated the success of her latest movie with a stunning social media campaign of 30 selfies showing her love of Tahitian pearls.
This had an astonishing effect on the pearl market.

The pearl market immediately felt the effects of a dramatic surge in Tahitian popularity this 2023 summer. So, the industry was eagerly waiting for the September Asia World Expo buying shows and the Robert Wan auction. When the event opened, it was very clear that Ni Ni's social media promotion had had a major impact. Booths were crazy with the frenzy of buyers. Some closed in the first hour. Most of the buyers were from China. 

This was a wholesale only trade show. The prices for a 9-11mm strands of pearls were going for $50k. For 12mm, the price was double that!

And then, in a most astonishing move, a Chinese buyer offered to buy the entire production of Robert Wan's luxury pearls for a much higher sum than he was expected to have earned from the auction.

Don't ever doubt the power of social media.

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