Pearl Qualities- Color

Pearl Qualities- Color

There are so many colors of a natural pearl. A lot of this choice is personal preference, but there are some colors that are more valuable than others. This is related to the rarity of those colors.

White pearls range from the pure electric shiny color of the Akoya pearls to the champagnes and pinkish tones. South Sea whites are more of a satiny soothing color.

There are the delicious Golden South Sea Pearls which start with a light creamy yellow to deep very golds.

The natural pinks, peaches, purples and bronzes of Edison pearls create a whole color category by themselves. Some of these colors are so electric, they almost defy description as natural.

New to popularity are the Blue Akoyas that are a soft blueish grey. The more valuable and desirable are more on the blue spectrum.

Tahitians are many many colored. Let's start with the silver grey and go all the way to black. In between, there are many overtones of blues, peacocks, rose, eggplant, green, pistachio and chocolate browns. All of these can be seen in combination for a wild show.

Do not, ever, in your life confuse natural colored pearls with dyed and irradiated pearls. If you look at the photo of last week's blog, you can see some of theugliest pearls I have ever seen. I blanch when I look at that photograph. It's painful.

You have so much to choose from. Be my guest.

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