How to Clean Your Jewelry

How to Clean Your Jewelry

I am always asked how to clean certain pieces of jewelry. This is good because, cleaning can be a beautiful thing or a disaster of destruction.

It happens. Gemstones and metals get dirty and dull. Remember all of the lotions you rub into you body and the detergents you clean with? Not too good. 

To clean your jewelry at home, the best way to start out is with a very mild solution of a dish soap and warm water. Using a soft bristle toothbrush, you can reach in between and behind most settings. Perhaps a drop or two of Dawn dish soap for its grease cutting ability. Rinse and then dry with a microfiber cloth. Most jewelry can be cleaned this way.

There are jewels that one should be extremely careful cleaning. Most are the organic gemstones and pearls, of course. These gems would benefit from a damp cloth to remove sunscreens and oils. I wouldn't recommend putting your pearl necklaces in a water solution because of the silk on which they are knotted. It will weaken the silk. 

Interesting information of our all-knowing-web instructs some to use ketchup because it is non acidic and toothpaste, which is an abrasive. I wouldn't clean my jewelry with either of these.

You can buy over the counter ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that can be used on all but coral, pearls, opals, turquoise. Gems such as Emeralds and Rubies may have had treatments of fillers that are acceptable, but could be damaged by an ultrasonic cleaner. Professionals have a much stronger ultrasonic cleanser for a deep clean.

Along with cleaning your jewelry regularly, check your pearls every few years for restringing. Look for fraying knots and silk stretching. As well, check the prongs on your set gems. They can wear down and loosen. Quelle horrors! It's not crazy to have your engagement or any ring you wear regularly, checked annually by a professional bench jeweler.

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