Peach Kasumi Pearl and Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Opal Gemstone Clasp


This rare Kasumi Pearl is from Japan's Kasumuga'ura lake. There are a very few farmers that are growing these unusual pearls there. You can even see a special display of these pearls in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. I have created a little circus of color and sparkle by adding beautiful gemstones and made this into a Clasp of my patent pending design. You can send me your classic pearl necklace to be strung with this clasp and then, you will have a very unique and not so classic pearl necklace.

The second photo is of some 8.5mm Akoya pearls next to the clasp to give you an idea of how this might look in your necklace. Sorry the Akoya pearls are not included.