Classic Royal Akoya Pearl Necklace


This is definitely a necklace for royalty. Have you seen The Crown? These Saltwater Akoya Pearls are from some of the first crop of exquisite Vietnamese Pearls to be cultured in HaLong Bay. I bought them directly from the pearl farm and if you purchase this necklace I will also send you the book I photographed and wrote about this unique place on earth. These pearls are literally dripping with nacre. They have 3-4mm of nacre when the usual saltwater pearl from that company that starts with an M has only .8! This is truly luxury. I only have a couple of strands left of these extraordinary pearls. I fear that when they are found by other dealers, the farmers will harvest their pearls sooner to make more profits and they will have thinner nacre as a result. I am keeping a necklace for myself! No, you cannot tear it off my neck!