What Crown Will Queen Camilla Wear to the Coronation

What Crown Will Queen Camilla Wear to the Coronation

This is the week of The Coronation in England and we are naturally curious about the crowns that will be shown. 

This is the Crown of Queen Mary that Camilla will wear, but with significant changes that are political and historical.

This 1911 Crown that Queen Mary wore to her coronation will be recycled and worn by Camilla. It is breaking with tradition that Camilla will not commission her own crown. Spending such an extravagant amount of money in these modern times on a one time crown would not be a wise decision in the eyes of the British public.

The Queen Mother's Crown was a natural choice because she was the last queen consort to be crowned with her husband King George. The major problem was the very large Koh-i-noor 105.6 carat diamond in the center. The picture above is Queen Mary's Crown with the Koh-i-nor diamond in place. This exquisite gem was presented to Queen Victoria in 1850 as one of the spoils of the Anglo-Sikh wars. It was a good decision to replace this diamond with another and avoid another scandal.

Camilla's choice of Queen Mary's 1911 crown is a monumental piece that reflects Camilla's taste for diamonds. The Queen Mary Crown is set with 2200 diamonds that display a brilliant and dazzling effect.

However, Camilla is adding a few significant diamonds to the crown. The 94.4 carat Cullinan III Diamond and the 63.6 carat Cullinan IV diamond will return to their original places in the crown. The center gem will be the 18.8 carat heart shaped Cullinan V diamond. The value of these replacements is speculated at $50 million.

All of these Cullinan diamonds were cut from the original Cullinan Diamond, the largest rough diamond ever found at 3,106 carats in 1907 out of a South African mine.

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