This Tiara Could Be Yours!

This Tiara Could Be Yours!

Sothebys is auctioning off this fabulous tiara from a royal family on May 11 in Geneva, but you don't have to be in Geneva to bid. You can bid online, like everything else today. This is the story of the House of Savoy Tiara.

According to Benoit Repellin of Sothebys, this tiara was originally a wedding gift to Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo from her father in law Victor Emmanuel II, the King of Italy at her marriage  to his son Amedeo the Duke of Savoy and later elected the King of Spain. This tiara has remained in the House of Savoy for over 150 years. It reflects the elegance and romance of the Golden Era. It was most likely made by Musy of Torino in the second half of the 19th century.

The tiara consists of old fashioned cushion cut diamonds and natural pearls, the largest of which is 21mm in length. Pearls have always been a symbol of royalty and nobility. The Savoy family was famous for their collection of pearls.

Interestingly, this tiara can be worn not only as a tiara, but as a necklace and the lower diamond band as a bandeau.

Savoy tiara as necklace

The estimate for this tiara is between $1,030,000-$1,533,000. As you know, in auctions, the estimate is not a solid buy price. The provenance of the Savoy tiara may create quite a bit of intrigue. You might check in at Sothebys after the 11th to see what it actually went for. might be arranging shipping!

Good luck.

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