Pearl Flower Petal Earrings with Pink Sapphires and Diamonds

This is my current post to Instagram. It’s fun to be able to see the photos and information if you miss it in your feed, or just don’t “do” Instagram!

Pearl Flower Petal Earrings with Pink Sapphires and Diamonds. I couldn't resist setting them in this gorgeous peony. I will be so sad when the peonies are gone. These would be pretty stunning if you are going to be a bride any time soon.

Baroque Pearls drop off of Diamonds

Baroque Pearls drop off of Diamonds. There are brides getting married this summer. How wonderful to find a way to be safe and loving. Here's to the summer brides!

A birthday present for a beautiful woman.


A birthday present for a beautiful woman. This Baroque Pearl pendant loves its new home. They will be happy together. It is June and it is Pearl month. How very lucky to be born in June...or was it meant to be? Maybe she willed her birth to be in Pearl June.

Pistachio green Tahitian Pearl

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Hello beautiful. Does this pearl look like it's pulsating to you? I think it's the rose halo at the edge of this very pistachio green Tahitian Pearl. Now you know why I love Tahitian Pearls so much. They are alive. They have a soul. They will find you.

Baroque Pearls, Hoop Earrings

New ways to love Baroque Pearls. New way to wear Hoop Earrings. The Baroque Pearls swing inside gold handmade Hoops that swing off gold studs.

Here I come summer. Ready or not.

Here I come summer. Ready or not.

vintage jewelry box

Do You Know How to Store Your Jewelry? Let me give my personal tips and how to go beyond the vintage jewelry box. I guess people had fewer pieces of jewelry "back then", but my vintage jewelry box is just a piece of decorative art on my dresser. Send me your email and I will show you some of my tricks.

Amazonite  aqua daggers

Catch my attention! These aqua daggers are made out of Amazonite. And, yes, the Aquamarine gems are little stunners. I think I would wear my hair clipped up on a warm summer night with a long billowy dress and no shoes. Where shall we go? Maybe no where. Just enjoy the view from here. Would you like a glass of wine?

Ocean Blue Topaz,crisp white of Pearl, gold chain

I love this combination of colors. Ocean Blue Topaz and the crisp white of Pearls are the colors of summer. Hello summer. By spacing the Pearls and Blue Topaz with gold chain, the look becomes lighter. That is summer. Light and color. Love these long long days.

Rubies and Pink Sapphires

Rubies and Pink Sapphires are a divine combination. I set them into these 13+mm Freshwater Pearls for your enjoyment. And then...I placed them in this electric freshly blossomed peony. I almost keeled over with the fragrance styling this shot. You will have to endure my peony collection for a week.

Yards of Tahitian Pearls and London Blue Topaz

Yards of Tahitian Pearls and London Blue Topaz are cascading in 3 strands of graduated lengths. The teal blue of the London Blue Topaz complements the blues and greens in the very round Tahitian Pearls. Movement. Movement. Movement.

A Pearl Lace Pendant,gold wire,gold bar and a freeform chain.

A Pearl Lace Pendant with each pearl handwoven with gold wire onto a gold bar and a freeform chain. You want to wear something that nobody else has. This is the New Pearl. We wear pearls in so many new and different ways today. Pearls are still the most classic gem, but now we see them in so many creative new designs.

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