The Significance of Pearls in Tiaras

The Significance of Pearls in Tiaras

Tiaras. Who doesn't love a good tiara? We have talked a lot about Royal tiaras and tiaras for the wealthy and an essential accessory of the early 20th century, but do you know why pearls have been incorporated into tiaras? Of course, they are a beautiful addition, but there is another reason.

There are several forms of nature in the design of tiaras that are emblematic, like forget-me-nots for lasting remembrance and lilies, a sign of purity. But the pearl signifies everlasting love and has been the preference in wedding tiaras. But pearls also are symbols of the yin and yang of the pleasure and the pain of love. Pearls also double the symbolic significance of the tiara.

Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara

The Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara was made for Queen Mary in 1914 by the royal jewelers The House of Garrard. It has been passed down to Queen Elizabeth II and was offered as a wedding present on loan to Princess Diana. Diana chose to wear the Spencer Tiara from her family's archives. Hm, maybe telling. No pearls in the Spencer Tiara. Diana, however, chose to wear the Cambridge Tiara many times while she was in the royal household. Maybe the pearls were a little tongue in cheek to Charles. What do you think?

And then there is this tiara that is at the Shoto Museum in Japan. 

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