The Mystery of Edison Pearls

The Mystery of Edison Pearls

Edison Pearls were an experiment to cultivate pearls that could duplicate South Sea Pearls, but grown in Freshwater pearl mollusks. They have only been available for about 7 years. Developed by a brother/sister team in China, Weijan and Weiyui Zhan, this process has remained a secret. Edison is a brand of pearls by the Zhan family.


Judi McCormick

I love the irregular, baroque shape pearls. The Edison are beatiful. I also favor the earthy tone colors, but not the darkest Tahitian. The blues are beautiful and I wish I could afford one of your fine necklaces. In order to wear my more casual but lovely pearls I make them myself, often with chain as in your planet designs. Have been purchasing biwa for these. Maybe one day I will own a fabulous Judy Mc Cormick necklace or bracelet!!

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