The Cowdry Black Natural Pearl Necklace

The Cowdry Black Natural Pearl Necklace

Photo courtesy of Christies Catalogue

The most expensive Tahitian Pearl necklace in the world. 

The most famous as well as the most expensive Black Pearl Necklace, the Cowdrey Pearls were originally owned by Lady Pearson, the Viscountess of Cowdrey.

The necklace of 38 natural pearls consists of some of the most beautiful Tahitian pearl with overtones of pistachio, deep teal blues, roses and bronzes. The pearls range in size from 6.8-11.4mm and are finished with a spectacular large diamond clasp by Cartier.

The strand was originally 42 pearls but two larger of the pearls were removed to make earrings.

In 2012 the strand was restored to its original 42 pearls with the addition of some very special Tahitian pearls to match.

The Cowdrey Pearls were most recently auctioned at Christies Auction House in 2007 for $3,000,000. and later in 2015 at Sothebys Auction House for $5,300,000. This sale. makes this necklace the most expensive black pearl necklace in the world.

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