The Black Beauty Pearl

The Black Beauty Pearl

The Black Beauty Pearl is considered to be one of the most important pearls in history. Why?

The Black Beauty Pearl is believed to have been found in Ecuador or Venezuela, which were the famous pearl fishing grounds, historically.

The value of this pearl is as a beautiful example of a well formed high domed pearl, but most importantly, the "peacock" colors in the pearl. The. most desirable and valuable Tahitians have this rare combination of rose, pistachio, yellow and teal blue overtones on a black pearl. The Black Beauty Pearl has this rare collection of colors combined with the unique iridescence orient and shape. This is perhaps the finest example of these characteristics and makes it a famous historical natural pearl.

The pearl belongs to American Pearl Company of Camden, Tennessee, founded by John Latendresse — a man who is often referred to a the 'Father of American Freshwater Cultured Pearls.'

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