Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Argentium Silver

Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Argentium Silver

What's the difference?

Sterling Silver is the benchmark silver for jewelry making. It is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other alloy, usually copper. It is combined with an alloy to increase it's strength and durability, but it is also prone to tarnishing. It is the least expensive of the silvers.

Fine Silver has a purity of 99.9% and a brighter color than Sterling Silver. But because it has no alloys, it is softer. The jewelry made from Fine Silver would be pieces that didn't require the strength of pieces like a ring or clasps. It is beautiful and more expensive that Sterling Silver because of its purity.

Argentium is a unique formula developed by Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies. This formula gives an incredible natural brightness that even outshines white gold, platinum and sterling silver. The measurement is done with a scientific process  called the CIELAB system.

Argentium alloys are purer than sterling. There are 2 grades of Argentium, 93.5% and 96%. Regular Sterling Silver measure 92.5% and UK Britanian measures 95.6%. This shows that Argentium measures above even the prestigious UK Britanian silver.

Tarnish resistance is also another factor of Argentium.

Charts are provided by Rio Grande.

Argentium qualities are that it is tarnish resistant, and it is a responsible silver made only from certified recycled silver and does not contain any nickel.



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