Report on the Pearl Market from the 2023 Hong Show in September

Report on the Pearl Market from the 2023 Hong Show in September

You might want to get some pearls soon.

High end pearl suppliers have just returned form Asia where the Jewellry and Gem World Hong Kong Show was held.

The strongest quote I heard was, "All prices have gone crazy".

Those pretty little saltwater Akoya pearls from Japan have doubled from the prices last spring, because of demand from China. It's not only the prices but the availability is scaringly scarce.

Major pearl stock from commercial to gem quality is all going to China and they are paying high prices.

South Sea pearls are the same story. Retail airs of 9-19mm earrings are $3000. and even so, there is so little svailability.

And then there are Tahitian pearls. Tahitians have tripled in price in the last six months.

Interestingly, there is the story that a popular Chinese actress and influencer, Ni Ni posted selfies on social media dressed in Tahitian pearls that caused a crazy popularity in China.

You may have heard of Robert Wan's Tahitian pearls. He has a major auction at the September Hong Kong Show. The night before the auction a Chinese man came in and bought the whole auction. I wondered why my bids didn't get acknowledged...Needless to say, the auction was canceled.

Multi colored Tahitian strands at 9-11m were selling, wholesale, for $40,000.

Cut and paste to my Tahitians,

The pearl farmers are deliriously happy, but it is not sustainable. Going forward into the second half of the year and into next year, it's going to be very challenging.

I have old stock prices on my inventory. You might want to take a look.

Cut and paste the URL.

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