Gold Lipped Oyster Shell

Pearl Qualities-Color

Yes. Let’s talk about color. I am sure you are aware, by now, that there are many colors of pearls in their natural state. But how do they get their color?

This is a Gold Lipped Oyster shell. What color pearl do you think this oyster made? Well, yes. Good guess. It is a Golden South Sea Pearl. The color of the pearl that an oyster creates is mostly determined by the interior color of the lip. The lip is the outer ring of the interior of the shell. Many pearl farmers will say that the mantle from a donor oyster used in the culturing process, determines the color about 80 percent of the time. The pearl’s nacre quality can affect its color as well. Others attribute environmental factors to determining pearl color – like the amount of salt in the water or the quality and quantity of food available to the oysters.

 The main color, or body color, is often modified by additional colors called overtones, which are typically pink (sometimes called rosé), green, purple, or blue.

And, in addition to all of the colors of the South Sea and Tahitian saltwater Pearls, there are many natural colors of Freshwater Pearls. The intense colors of pinks, peaches, bronzes and lavenders can be mouth watering. But beware, Black Freshwater Pearls are not natural. They are irradiated or dyed. Best to stick with Tahitians for those dramatic darker colors.

There are so many choices of color in the pearl world. Find out which ones make your skin tingle.

Pinctada Maxima

Pinctada Maxima

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