Men in Pearls-a continuing investigation

Men in Pearls-a continuing investigation

Tonight is the first game of the World Series (baseball...). Joc Pederson has received a lot of press about wearing a string of pearls while playing the outfield for the Atlanta Braves. He is playing tonight. Will he be wearing his pearls??

You may know this story already but it makes an interesting statement about the power of pearls. I did not know this but there is a special jeweler that baseball players use. He is Gave Arik of Happy Jewelers. Joc texted him in September, "I want to do something really different. I want to make a nice fashion statement. And I'm thinking about pearls." Gabe was a little taken aback, but that's what they did.

He's been a little evasive about the inspiration, but they are working. Since September 29, when he first wore them on the playing field, Person has had an OPS of .953, which is one home run for every nine time at bat!

So, it looks like tonight there will be a lot of men wearing lucky pearls on the Atlanta team and women wearing their supportive pearls in the stands. It will be worth watching.

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