Men in Pearls

Men in Pearls

What a delightful subject. There are just some guys that can pull this off in varying degrees of commitment. Here is the Surfer Style and then there are other men that go all the way.

We all know that, historically, men have worn pearls from the maharajahs in India to King Henry VIII, who wore "a cote of greate riches, in braides of golde laied lose on russet velvet and set with traifoyles, full of pearle and stone,"

A more contemporary style trend is for men to express themselves by wearing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tie-tacks, and brooches of pearls. These styles are especially favored by celebrities who are always looking for ways to stand out.

I love the surfer look, however, I also could swoon over a man in a black suit with a black T shirt and a strand of pearls.

How would you or your man wear pearls? Chime in.


Judi McCormick

Men look great with a dark pearl tin cup necklace. Heavier chain, maybe darling metal. Large irregular baroque pearls. As a woman with a casual lifestyle I favor pearl tin cup necklaces. Somewhat delicate textured sterling chain with 7 or 8 natural looking colored baroque shaped fresh water pearls. But most commented on are my white or pink pearl with silver chains not too large.

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