King Charles II of Spain Pearl

King Charles II of Spain Pearl

This large historic pearl was once thought to be La Peregrina. La Peregrina  was last owned by Elizabeth Taylor and the King Charles II of Spain pearl is still being worn today.

The French historian, Bernard Morel believes the Charles II of Spain pearl came to Spanish possession from Venezuela in the late 16th century. It was known as the companion of La Peregrina. The Charles Pearl is rounder than La Peregrina and weighs 223.8 grains to La Peregrina's 133.2 grains.

When the royal castle of Madrid burned down in 1734, it was thought that the pearl had been lost. But it found its was to Victoria Eugenia, who passed it on to her grandson, Juan Carlos, the present King of Spain. 

The past Queen Sophia of Spain would wear the King Charles II Pearl for public occasions.


Judi McCormick

Love, love your display of your beautiful jewelry.
La Peregrina so so beautiful.

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