Kasumigaura Pearls

Kasumigaura Pearls

Only pearls cultivated in Lake Kasumi ga Ura in Japan can be labeled Kasumigaura pearls. These pearls have natural colors and an metallic surface luster have made these pearls unusual.

These pearls are bred in a hybrid freshwater mussel of the Hyriopsis cumingii and Hyriopsis schlegelii species. They are usually between 9-13mm in size and have an unusual ripple to their surface. these Japanese pearls are found in a range of colors of pinks, peaches, white, cream, and sometimes a shade of golden green or even purple.

These pearls do not have any treatment after they are harvested other than a simple rub with salt to clean them. 

The production is very small and rare. Lake Kasumi ga Ura has a history of pollution and organic invaders that make production difficult. 

These pearls are very rare and it is a goal to educate people to the value of Kasumigaura pearls. There are pearl dealers online that give misleading and dishonest information regarding their pearls as Kasumigaura. The most trusted dealer of these pearls is Pacific Pearl. Fuji Voll and Sarah Canizarro have been importing Kasumgaura pearls from Japan since 1995. It is from them that I buy my Kasumigaura pearls.

Because of their rarity, the Museum of Natural History Pearl Exhibit included a necklace of Kasumigaura Pearls.

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