Historical Pearls-Arco Valley Pearl

Historical Pearls-Arco Valley Pearl

The Arco Valley Pearl dates back to the 11th century and is said to have been owned by several emperors.

The pearl weighs in at 575 carats. It is a natural blister baroque saltwater pearl. It measures 79X41X34 mm and it is the largest natural pearl outside of a museum.

The Arco Valley Pearl was first recorded in the 11th century. It is rumored that Genghis Kahn gave it to Marco Polo. Its history after Polo's death in 1324 is somewhat of a mystery. It surfaced again with the Austrian family, the Arco Valleys.

The pearl, itself, has beautiful overtones of blues and pinks. There are holes in the pearl that indicate it was possibly used in a tiara or a crown at some point.

The Arco Valley Pearl was virtually unseen until an auction in 2007 in Abu Dhabi. It is currently valued at 8 million dollars, but it is not known who or where it is today. 

Let me know if you have it!

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