Can You Wear Pearls Swimming?

Can You Wear Pearls Swimming?

Since Pearls are Cultivated in Salt and Freshwater, Can You Wear Them Swimming? It would seem logical that you could. Let me explain.

This is swimming season and it is logical that one would want to look chic. But there are many reasons to not wear your pearls while swimming in either saltwater or freshwater and definitely not chlorinated water. I doubt that one time would hurt them, especially because I'm sure that you would have washed them gently off after swimming. Granted, a lot of pearls are cultivated in saltwater, but they are tumbled with a polishing compound to smooth the surface before they come to you. Beyond the chemicals in the water, you are surrounded with abrasives that could severely damage your pearls. Any type of water will weaken the silk threads that are knotted to hold your necklace together. 

On the other hand, Kathleen Baker is an Olympic swimmer and in the 2016 Olympics she won a silver medal in the 100 meter backstroke wearing pearl earrings. She actually lost one of her earrings during the race, but it was found by a diver later.

It is challenging to look chic while competing in world competitions and being photographed by multiple cameras, so you might take your chances. If it were me, I would wear my pearls too.

So, in closing, the accessory to choose when swimming would be diamonds set in platinum. That would do nicely.

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