A Vietnamese Akoya Pearl

Akoya Pearls

Highly Lustrous Akoya pearls come from the white Pinctada Fucata oysters of Japan.

Akoya pearls are stars in the fashion world right now. In recent years, fashion-forward women have given celebrity status to the beautifully lustrous Akoya pearls in fine jewelry.

Why are Akoya pearls creating such a buzz? Akoya oysters, which grow in the waters off the coasts of Japan and China, produce the mirror like nacre, the outer coating of a pearl, because of the cold waters that they live in. The cold water makes the layers of nacre thinner and not unlike the number of coats of thin paint that a high end car would get, creates that depth of shine. In fact, Akoyas were once called the Cadillac of pearls. The luster or mirror like surface of Akoyas casts a glow on your skin, especially when worn close to your face in earrings and strands. I think we were told this by our mothers. Akoya pearls are the most flattering to wear because of that glow.

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