Blue Akoya Pearls and Aquaprase Gems


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Aquaprase and Blue Akoya Pearls from the South Seas. Aquaprase is a very new gemstone discovery and has a unique story. A couple of years ago, Yianni Melas, a gem hunter, was working in some (secret spot!) land in Africa, when he unearthed some various stones and opals. He was intrigued by a rough stone that had flashes of blue green. “I couldn’t explain why I thought it was different,” he adds. “It is like a third eye. I have seen thousands of stones and you get that feeling. When I picked up the stone, I had the chills, a funny feeling. That feeling is something you have to follow.” As he dug further he found larger quantities of this stone. There was much confusion and speculation for a long time about the stone. Eventually, it was sent to the Gemological Institute of America for testing. It wasn't until the call came from GIA, months later that it was concluded the stone was a chalcedony that had never been discovered before. Undoubtedly, this was a lifetime accomplishment in a gem hunter's life. The matrix in the stone creates more character and a natural look. Aquaprase is totally untreated. Yianni says “This gem is almost like a savior,” he adds. “It is coming at a time when the industry needs some romance. There are so many articles about treated this and treated this. I consider this finding a blessing for the industry.”

Blue Akoya Pearls are another valuable combination with the Aquaprase gems. Rare Sky Blue Akoya pearls with bright, crisp luster, sparkling overtones of Rose, Aquamarine and Violet, are a beautiful complement to the aqua color of the Aquaprase.

This 24” necklace is handknotted and finished with a magnetic clasp.